The new DAMMANN-trac cabin

The new cab for the DAMMANN-trac offers a better view of the surroundings of the DAMMANNtrac through larger glass surfaces. In the interior, attention was paid to ergonomic operation of all switches and good visibility of the warning lights.
When designing the interior, great care has been taken at the workplace, so that the seat and the adjustable steering column have been ergonomically placed. The joystick and the most important controls are tightly packed and easy to operate for the driver. The positioning of the operating terminal, fitted to the driver‘s seat, for the sprayer is designed in such a way that the driver can easily operate it without any restrictions on the visibility. Also cup holders and storage compartments are easily accessible from the driver’s seat.

  • Overpressure cabin with activated carbon filter and particulate filter of category 4, tested according to EN 15695-1 of 2009
  • Excellent panoramic view
  • Optimum noise insulation
  • Unique sliding door for wider access
  • Spray record and tablet compartments
  • Protected easy access service box
  • Air-sprung driver‘s seat with headrest and integrated sprayer terminal
  • Right armrest incl. Joystick control for vehicle and body sprayer
  • Pre-installation for camera system
  • Radio with CD drive and Bluetooth connection for telephone
  • Emergency seat
  • Heat insulating sun visors front and sides
  • Ambient lighting
  • Integrated heating and air conditioning
  • Integrated vehicle job computer with data terminal
  • LED work lights front and rear

DAMMANN-trac DT2800 H Ecodrive

The product range of the Dammann trac is enhanced with the economic, quicker and quieter hydrostatic self-propelled DAMMANN-trac DT 2800H EcoDrive™ S5.  It is equipped with new wheel motors and an innovative intelligent control device for the drive.  The drive system controls the engine speed of the MTU 6R1000 Diesel engine, ensuring that only the required engine power is used for the machine propulsion.

  • 5000, 6000 & 7000 Litre Tanks
  • Boom Widths 24 to 48 Metres
  • AR Pumps 320 to 750 Litres/min
  • Track Widths 1.85 to 2.25 Metres
  • Underbelly Clearance 1100mm (Tyre dependant)
  • Wheel/Tyre options from VF 380/90 R50 to VF 710/60 R42
  • Length 7.85 Metres. Width 2.55 Metres. Height 3.70 Metres
  • Max Weight 18.5 Tonnes Fully Loaded
  • Road Speed 50 Kph
  • 6 Cylinder MTU 6R1000 / Mercedes Benz OM 936 (285 Hp)

Download the D_A_S BROCHURE pdf here.

DAMMANN-trac DT3500H S4 Ecodrive

The economical powerhouse by DAMMANN, the three-axle DAMMANN-trac DT 3500H S4 EcoDrive ™ 6wheel drive and 4 wheel steer provides great power coupled with exceptionally low ground pressure and superb traction.  With a tank volume up to 12,000 liters, the DAMMANN-trac DT 3500H S4 EcoDrive ™
is ideal for working efficiently on large farms.  It combines the power of 6 hydraulic wheel motors with manoeuvrability through its two steered axles.

  • 8000, 10000 & 12000 Litre Tanks
  • Boom Widths 30 to 48 Metres
  • AR Pump 500 to 750 Litres/min
  • Track Widths 2.00 to 2.25 Metres
  • Underbelly Clearance 1050mm (Tyre dependant)
  • Wheel/Tyre options VF 380/90 R50 to VF 710/60 R42
  • Length 9.50 Metres. Width 2.55 Metres. Height 3.70 Metres
  • Max Weight 25 Tonnes
  • Road Speed 50 kph
  • MTU 6R1000 / Mercedes OM936 230kw (313hp)

Download the D_A_S BROCHURE pdf here.

DAMMANN-trac DT2400 H S4 Highlander

The frugal variable, the Highlander which can adapt the track and the ground clearance to the crop. Its standard all-wheel steering also supports the maneuverability of this machine.  The Highlander was developed in order to be able to carry out crop protection and fertilisation measures in high crop. With ground clearance up to 1900 mm, is more than up to this task. Special crops such as corn and sunflowers can be treated right through to the harvest.

  • 4400 and 5000 Litre Tanks
  • Boom Widths 18 to 36 Metres
  • AR Pump 500 Litres/min
  • Track Widths 2.25 to 3.05 Metres
  • Underbelly Clearance 1900mm 
  • Wheel/Tyre options 380/90 R46
  • Length 7.95 Metres. Width 2.7 Metres. Height 3.70 Metres
  • Max Weight 18 Tonnes
  • Road Speed 40 Kph (optional 50kph)
  • MTU 6R1000 210kw (282PS)

Download the D_A_S BROCHURE pdf here.

DAMMANN De-mount
For Unimog/JCB Fastrac and more

  • 2000 to 4000 Litre Tanks
  • Boom Widths 18 to 30 Metres
  • AR Pumps 250 to 320 Litres/min

Download the D_A_S BROCHURE pdf here.