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Airport De-Icing

  • High capacity
  • Economical application
  • Exact distribution
  • Optimal efficiency
  • A technology based on performance and environmental protection

Dammann sprayers are the product of long term development and extensive experience in liquid application. For over 30 years we have worked to find ever more efficient ways to apply liquids, involving considerable input and cooperation of  the end users of our equipment to set higher standards.

  • Documentation of the performance as memory or printout
  • Automatic adjustment of application rate
  • Automatic adjustment of working width
  • Tandem nozzle holder capable of three different application rates
  • Quad nozzle holder capable of 15 different application rates with no change in forward speed or spraying pressure, controlled manually or fully automatic by GPS
  • Precision technology and intelligent electronics guarantee environment friendly application
  • All our applicators are made to customers specification.
  • Units can be mounted on trucks, Unimogs, special vehicles, semi trailer trucks and various trailers.
  • Tank sizes from 2000 to 20000 litres.
  • Working widths from 10 to 45 metres.
  • Operating speeds of up to 50 Kph
  • Choice of computers to control functions and GPS systems.
  • Extremely accurate boom height control maintains application nozzles at their optimum height.
  • Automatic on/off switching of the sprayer at standstill
  • Digital tank contents gauge
  • Automatic tank contents control
  • Several filter systems for the liquid to ensure trouble free operation
  • Spray boom monitoring camera
  • Additional spray boom illumination